August Chokoloskee fishing options

Tomorrow evening, August 8, at 7:30 we will get together and disucss the heat and Redfish.

I have maps to discuss the navigation and see videos of fishing around Chokoloskee. Maybe Pavillion Key?

August is hot, the dog days of summer. Do Redfish care?

From Wikipedia: The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, which Greek and Roman astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

August is for sure one of the warmest months of the year to fish here in Chokoloskee, Everglades City, and the Everglades National Park, however, if you time your day appropriately, is can also be one of your most productive fishing months. Day time air temperatures are now averaging around 92. Water temps around 87. It does heat up by mid day, but the daily thunder storms will drive you back to the dock just as the bite wanes. After the storms are over, head back out again for some great early evening / sunset action. I have been going out around 7:00-11:00am, and 4:30-8:30pm.

Redfish will bite best on an incoming tide on the near shore oyster bars with live Shrimp, Pilchards, or Thread Herring. Try a popping cork with about 3′ of 25 lb fluorocarbon leader and an appropriate sized circle hook to match your bait. Many artificials are equally as good and I really like a Gulp! shrimp – natural or new penny color on a 3/8 oz red jig head

Capt Pete Rapps
There will be some Pizza and adult carbonated beverages, so come share and join in the fun.

See you there!



August Red Fishing discussion

August coming up. Dismissing the potential threat of Hurricane complications, I want to determine a ‘cool’ place to fish.

Air temperature 95 degrees, water temperature 88 degrees. Water temperature is cooler than the air temperature and makes fishing almost feel like air-conditioning.

Sun shines early and late, with midday thunderstorms.

What to fish? Where? Target Species?

Want to have a general discussion about August fishing. Will have some awesome burgers, beans, and chips to eat while planning.

Want to line up a winner.

My suggestion is Redfish. They don’t care about heat or this time of year. In fact, they thrive on it.

They do care about FOOD. That is one of their primary goals in life.

Lets get together tomorrow evening for our second July meeting and have a spirited discussion.

This will give us the first meeting of August to focus on place, species, and styles.

My intuition tells me Chokoloskee is a great place to pursue that species.

It’s the same distance and time as driving to Flamingo.

AND they have not had an algae bloom destroying all the grass.

So let’s debate the pros and cons about Chokoloskee and Flamingo.

Lets also make a choice and commit for August.

If you are willing, you can temp us with your own Redfish stories.

Hope to see you there.

HABITAT: Most popular fishing areas are along shell bars and rocky or grassy shorelines and on shallow flats, where they are usually fished by sight. Reds also forage in the surf of outside beaches nearly everywhere on the Gulf Coast and along the upper half of the East Coast, especially in the fall.

from: Florida Sportsman





Fishing the Mysterious Jack Hole

This month first meeting is tomorrow night, July 11, at 7:30 pm.
It’s hot now, water temperature is 88 degrees in the Bay.
What to look for and what doesn’t mind the temperatures.
How about Jacks, Grunts, Permit?  Maybe other species?
Not a bad morning fishing!  This is important information because the outing will be on Saturday, July 15 out of Crandon Marina.
We can gather for lunch at the No Name Harbor restaurant say 11:30 am.
This meeting will be when Tom Gray tells us techniques and where about the Jack Hole.
This is important because the outing will be on July 15 out of Crandon Marina.
This is the ideal launch for fishing the Jack Hole.  If the weather is bad, there is always Bear Cut Bridge or any of the inside shore lines on Key Biscayne.
But since we always have outstanding weather for SDA outings, we will count of fishing the Jack Hole.
The attached photo is testament about how good Tom is and his knowledge of the ‘jack hole’.
Not only will Tom lead the discussion, but we can openly share our experience and questions about this mysterious place.
The only way you can find out is to attend.  When you come you will definitely learn to fish somewhere about which you probably have limited or no knowledge.
Come and share in setting the plan.
Since it’s hot, so we need to relax and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year.
See you tomorrow evening.


Meeting Tuesday, June 27 – dinner and fishing talk

Tomorrow night, June 27, is the fourth Tuesday and second meeting for the month.

There will be dinner at 7:30.  Herman’s award winning Piccodillo and rice will be featured.

Someone bring a salad and Cuban bread.  Let me know. It will be a good feed.

Additionally, we will decompress from the Dolphin outing last Saturday.

All had a great time. Four boats went out with 18 people involved.

For this meeting is a video about Shark Diving.  Is this your flavor of adrenaline?  Maybe you did not even know about this?

Also want to plan July activities.

The first Tuesday is the 4th, so no board meeting.  BTW, the jazz band at the Blue Martini is finished.  Will wait to see what fills the gap.

July 11 and 25 will be the meeting dates.

Maybe July 15th we can schedule the outing.

Three ideas:
1. Charter the L & H plus their buddy depending on number of people.  Or take our own boats again?
2. Fish Trout Cove behind Islamorada.
3. Fish South Jetty at Government Cut

If you attend, we can discuss and make a selection for July.

It’s very hot in July, so looking for something where the fish can be cooler.  Either that, or fish that don’t mind the hot water.  Both are available.

Also would like to discuss August, maybe RedFish out of Everglades City on the outside.

Would love to have your input and share the discussion.  Where can you find a better group of friends?

Hope to see you there.


Meet Tuesday 6/13 for fishing offshore on 6/24

June 24 outing to Biscayne Bay and Offshore fishing.

Ok, you guys with the big boats, we need your help. We want to go Mahi fishing off shore on June 24.

Plan is to launch at Black Point, run out Ceasar’s Creek, Pacific Reef Lighthouse, and then fish around and over the wrecks.

We have 2 boats committed now, and need a couple of more.

After fishing in the morning we plan to run into Billy’s Point on the South West side of Elliot Key. The point is just north of Ceasar Creek. There we will jump into the water and swim and use the Magma Grill and cook some chops and sausage. This will be a swimming lunch to cool off from the heat.

Billy’s Point

Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 13, we will meet and discuss the logistics and who is going with whom.

Dinner will either be Sicilian Pizza or maybe David Glabman will whip something up. Come hungry.

Hope to see you there so we can plan an productive fishing trip.

If you can take your boat, let me know so we can set up who goes with whom.

Hope this is a success.

See you tomorrow night.


Alligator Alley Saturday Morning Fishing & Burgers

On Saturday morning we will leave from the Bass Pro Shops, Dolphin Mall, north parking lot at 6:30 am.We will convoy up the Turnpike to Okechobee Road,  US 27 North, and get on I 75 Northbound towards Naples.

The Broward Country Rest Area exit is just after MM 34 heading toward Naples.

Get off there and loop all the way around.  The last thing before getting back on I-75 towards Ft. Lauderdale is a boat ramp and Shelter.

Google Maps Location

Directions from where you are can be gotten from this map location.

Zoom in and out to see where it is and how the Rest Area is laid out.

We will launch boats and fish until 11:30 (or until the fish turn off if earlier).  We will come back and fire up the Smokey Joe and have hamburgers and hot dogs under the shelter.

Zoom in on the mark and you can see the shelter just next to the boat ramp.

There are three boat ramps at this exit.  Two on the West side link to the diagonal canal.  We will launch on the one that goes East.

You can fish one, or the other, or both.  Your mileage may vary depending on conditions.

RSVP through or email me to let me know if your will be there.

Hope you can make it.

The fishing is excellent, catching may vary.

Tight lines


Henry Bass Fishing and Hammocks Grill Wings

Henry Bass fishing secrets & Hammocks Grill wings

Tuesday evening, tomorrow night is going to be a blow out.  May 23, 7:30 pm at the Club House.

First Henry is going to give us all (well maybe a few) of his awesome canal fishing tricks and techniques.  If you want to know how to catch the ‘big’ ones, this is the presentation you want to be part of.

Additionally, there will be Hammocks Wings (special grill flavor).  Price will be $8.00 per person.

Ever fish fresh water?  Wonder what and how to do?  Fish from shore or in a boat?  This is the discussion you want to participate in.  Come and ask your questions.  You will not find a more knowledgable source to learn from.

Saturday 5/27/2017 will be the monthly club outing.  Here we will fish Alligator Alley.  We will meet at Bass Pro shop at 6:30 in the morning and caravan up.  This is attempt to beat the heat of the day.

After fishing, we will make hotdogs and burgers on the Smokey Joe grill under the shelter at the boat ramp.
We will be at the Broward County rest stop which exits just past MM 35.

More outing details in a couple of days.

This is the time to come and attend the meal and discussion.

See you there


Gourmet pizza and talk about fishing Joe Bay

Joe Bay was recently opened for fishing after 40 years of being closed.  3,935 acres of Joe and Snag bays were reopened.

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, May 9, we will meet to discuss and eat.

First and foremost, this new “Backcountry Zone” as ENP refers to it as strictly a No Motor Zone. This means no other means of propulsion are allowed besides manpower. Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are all great options to take back into this area. Technical poling skiffs work great as well, but the motor must be removed from the transom before entering Joe Bay.

There are a couple of articles about this which we can discuss. Scientists study portion of Everglades closed to people for decades Article by Evelyn Gonzalez.  Joe Bay Reopens: The Everglades Newest No Motor Zone by Brenton Roberts.  We can review them and then talk about where, how, and what is interesting for fishing there.

Joe Bay logistics:
tow kayak
enter kayak
reenter boat
emergency boat rentry

Eddie bringing Momma Mia’s gourmet pizza.  $8.00 with salad.

The May outing will be May 27  – Aligator Alley (I-75) wins at the Board meeting.  We will cook burgers in shelter after fishing.  We will return to shelter at 12:30 pm.

Convoy from Bass Pro Shop north parking lot.  Leave at 7:00 am.



Fishing Alligator Alley – dinner and presentation

Tuesday evening David Faas will present fishing on Alligator Alley.  This is April 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the clubhouse.
He has first hand experience fishing the canals and access ramps along the way.
There are 8-10 ramps between US 27 and the Miccosukee Service Station.
They may all look the same, but do not be mislead.  Each one has a unique access to the roadside canals.  All of this is placed in the middle of the Everglades.
How about catching Bass plus Oscar, Jaguar, Cichlid, and Peacock all in the same canal?  With fly too….
How about every cast getting some type of action?
You won’t want to miss this discussion.  He’s got lots of knowledge and resources.
The food for the evening will either be pot-roast (boliche) or ropa-vieja.  Depends how long it cooks.  Guaranteed to be tasty.  There will also be rice and salad.
Also received this follow-up communication from Ana Zangroniz about available Biscayne Bay Water Watch sites.
    It was a pleasure to meet you last night! I really enjoyed speaking with the members of your group. I wanted to provide you with a list of Biscayne Bay Water Watch sites that are currently OPEN for adoption. Your guys can cross-check these with the map on the website:
    The correct color-coding scheme for the map is:  Red= site is adopted and Green=site is available.
    BB06, BB16, BB19, BISC102, BISC123, BB44, BISC121, BB48, FLAB01, AR01
    Please circulate this to your guys and anyone you know that might be interested in participating.
Some of you MeetUp people if you have a boat, you also could volunteer to participate.  Either contact
Ana at  <<<replace _at_ with @ symbol, or come to a meeting for more information.
Hope to see you Tuesday evening.

Eat, talk fishing, and presentation – 4/11/2017 – 7:30 pm

Tuesday evening, April 11, 2107, we have the privilege of having a guest speaker, Ana Zangroniz, who is a Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent, with the University of Florida IFAS Extension in Miami-Dade County.

So we will eat, and talk about Biscayne Bay, its water, and the scientific program focused on it. There will also be talking about fishing and the Bay fish populations too. (members plus Ana if she has input).

She will present on the Biscayne Bay Water Watch program which SDA participates in.

The image shows all the collection locations.

Clicking on any location will show plots of data which have been sampled and processed.

The study has volunteers going out once a month to collect data. I have been able to participate, and it’s a lot of fun. It personally gives me an excuse for 12 trips a year to a point where I would not routinely go to.

You will enjoy hearing about what is going on with the program.

There will be gourmet Pizza that Eddie will bring. $6.00 each. Plus there will be some adult carbonated beverages in the refrigerator.