November 10 – Fishing the Jack Hole with Tom Gray

This month we are going to have one meeting which is tomorrow night, November 10, at 7:30 pm.
This meeting will be when Tom Gray tells us all his secrets about the Jack Hole.
This is important because the outing will be on November 21st out of Crandon Marina.
This is the ideal launch for fishing the Jack Hole.  If the weather is bad, there is always Bear Cut Bridge or any of the inside shore lines on Key Biscayne.
But since we always have outstanding weather for SDA outings, we will count of fishing the Jack Hole.
The attached photo is testament about how good Tom is and his knowledge of the ‘jack hole’.
There are several of his buddies who claim they know as much if not more about the same location.  Do you think there will be any tension during the meeting?
The only way you can find out is to attend.  You also will definitely learn to fish somewhere about which you probably have limited knowledge.
We also want to accept nominations from the floor for next year’s officers.
December will also have one meeting which will be on December 8th.  There Henry will disclose his secretes about Mackerel fishing.  We will have our annual outing to Spriger Bank on December 12th.
ALSO, on December 13th, Sunday evening we will have our annual Holiday dinner.  This will be for you to bring sides or desert because Turkey and Ham will be provided.
Busy time, but need to also relax and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year.
See you tomorrow evening.

Pat Ford, World Famous Fishing Photographer at Tuesday meeting

Pat Ford, one of the best photographers in the world will be our guest for a special presentation to South Dade Anglers fishing club on Tuesday evening, October 27, at 7:30 pm.

Tom will be cooking up some gourmet burgers ($8.00) and we will have a great, highly entertaining evening with Pat’s presentation.

DON’T MISS THIS MEETING!!! Make your plans to attend; notify your friends and invite them to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear and see his work.

The photo and description are from Pat’s incredible web site so take a look:

PAT FORD is originally from northern New Jersey. He entered the University of Notre Dame in 1961 where as a communications arts major, he added sports photography to his passions. After graduating in 1965, he entered Columbia Law School in New York City. After being admitted to the New York Bar in 1968, he joined the Navy JAG Corps and was stationed in Pensacola where he began writing for Salt Water Sportsman magazine and several others.

When he was transferred from Pensacola to Key West, it became very clear that he was going to spend the rest of his life in Florida. After discharge from the Navy in December, 1972 he moved to Miami and began his law practice, specializing in civil litigation. He has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law since 1983., but for over 35 years now, Pat has continued to fish, take photos and write about his experiences on the water. He has traveled extensively and has held over a dozen IGFA Fly Rod World Records ranging from a 196lb tiger shark caught in Florida Bay to a 14.5 lb tigerfish caught in Zambia, Africa.

His second project book, ‘A Passion for Tarpon’ with Andy Mill was released in 2010. Pat presently has an exhibit of his photos on display at the IGFA in Dania Beach, Fl.

See you Tuesday night. Special thanks to Tom Gray for facilitating Pat’s appearance.


10,000 islands fishing outing – Saturday Oct 24

On Saturday, October 24th, the club outing will be at Everglades City.  I will be staying at River Wilderness Waterfront Villas, 210 Collier Ave, Everglades, FL 34139.

Their phone is (239) 695-4499.  It is located directly across the street from the hardware store.  You are welcome to make a reservation there or can drive over early Saturday morning.

An alternative spot is Captain’s Table Lodge and Villas just down the street.

The tide for Indian Key (in the gulf) shows high tide at 11:00 am which should be ideal.  In the morning about 8:30 am we will form a convoy from the Villas to go out the Baron River to the Gulf for fishing.  If you wish you can drive over on Saturday morning and launch with us.  The drive is about 1.5 hours, check your Google maps.

After noon, around 2:30, we will come back to have Stone Crab and an adult carbonated beverage at Triad Seafood Cafe.  401 W School Dr, Everglades, FL.  If you wish you can drive over and meet up for the crabs only.

Make your plans to join us on the outing if you can.

Herman Watson



Captain Jim Anson Fishing Guide – 09/22

On Tuesday night, September 22, we are having the second meeting of the month with a special guest speaker.

Captain Jim Anson is an experienced light tackle tournament angler. He has been fishing South Florida waters for over 30 years. He has personally caught more than 44 I.G.F.A Certified World Records. He is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable fishermen in the world.  In 2006 Capt. Jim was inducted into the prestigious; I.G.F.A World Record Hall of Fame!

Capt. Jim Anson clients have been guided to more than 110 I.G.F.A World Record Catches!!!!  Anson has won the Master Angler Award in the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament three times. This is the largest tournament in the world, running five months and attracting 50,000 entries a year. the Master Angler award is the most difficult award to win in fishing.  It recognizes the top overall fisherman during the tournament’s run.  It requires the capture of trophy sized fish on a variety of tackles including fly rod, spinning rod, and bait casting rods all without natural baits, as well as light tackle down to 6 pound test line!

The menu is Piccodillo with white rice as a dinner for $8.00.  There will also be a desert included.

Please set your plans and come to hear his talk.

We will also review the Harney River outing.  …Interesting.

On Saturday, October 24th, the outing will be at Everglades City.  I will be staying at River Wilderness Waterfront Villas, 210 Collier Ave, Everglades, FL 34139.

Their phone is (239) 695-4499.  It is located directly across the street from the hardware store.  You are welcome to make a reservation there or can drive over early Saturday morning.

In the morning I will lead a convoy from the
villas out the Baron River for fishing. After noon, around 2:30, I will come back and have Stone Crab and an adult carbonated beverage at Triad Seafood Cafe.  401 W School Dr, Everglades, FL.

Make plans if you wish to join the outing.

See you there Tuesday evening,
Herman Watson


Fishing and exploring Harney River

Tuesday night, September 8, we are going to have a planning session for the monthly outing.

So…, the month outing is going to be a convoy of boats running up to the Harney River.  Have you ever been there?

It is a 30 mile run, so better to go as a group rather than as an individual.  If someone has a problem we can help each other by staying together.

The intent is to go up there and see the sights.  Maybe by accident we will also catch a Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Jack, Trout, or some other species (Bonnet Head).  Restating the intent is to go be there, hang out for
a while with a hook in the water, and then run back.

All of this is contengent on the weather and conditions.  Lately, the weather has been perfect in the morning with afternoon showers.  Wind has been slight
to moderate.

We will run up the middle of Whitewater Bay, then the Shark River to Ponce de Leon Bay.  Once there we will go up the Gulf on the edge of the shoreline to Graveyard Creek, Harney River, and Broad River mouths.  The route will be reviewed on Tuesday evening.

Once again the intent is to hang together and enjoy the surroundings.  No one should run off on their own without us all knowing where and when to meet back.

If the weather deteriates, we will start heading back.  If the weather gets rougher we can run back in protected water with the Joe River or stop at one of the chickees there.

I need a committment of at least 5 boats.  I have been contacting some of you personally and it appears we will meet that threshold.  Others please let me know if you plan on participating.

We would like to take 2 or 3 per boat, so if you do not have a committment for passengers we can get ‘volunteers’ on Tuesday evening as part of the logistics.

Individual boats will meet with their passengers at Whitewater ramp at 7:00 am on Saturday morning.

AT&T works there so you can call or message if there is a delay or complication.  We will monitor channel 68 when we run up.  We will do radio checks before setting out.

I plan on running at 25-30 mph out.  I don’t want to overstress any boat, some will be pushing at that speed while others will be capable of running twice that.  Again, the intent is to stay together.

Please come Tuesday evening if you have a boat, or if you want to ‘volunteer’ to ride, or if you are curious, or if you want some of the  Pizza Tom is going to bring.

Anyway, come on Tuesday evening and enjoy the stories and fun.

See you there
Herman Watson


Snook fishing by Capt Dave Justice

You want to make special plans to come to this Tuesday meeting.
Captain Dave Justice is coming to speak.  Who is he?  He is without a doubt the living legend for snook fishing.  Just google his name if you have any doubt.
He will be bringing some of his Snooktek lures which are an amazing invention between him and a medical products inventor.
You think you know what this technology is?  Think again and come to be pleasantly surprised.  Bring some extra money to buy a couple of these lures because once you understand what is going on, it will be something you cannot live without.
To top it off, Henry is cooking GIANT DOGS with homemade chili, onions, and chips.  Maybe some ice cream too.  Only $8.00 for the meal.
Again, mark your calendar.  Invite a friend.  You will be happy you saw this presentation.
See you there

Aug 11- fishing Homestead Bayfront and Day-on-the-Bay

Tomorrow Tuesday, August 11 is the first meeting of August.

We are beginning to get into the swing of things….This month is back to school, back from vacation, back to work. Time to take a break and get together to share fishing stories from the summer and talk about upcoming things.

THIS WEEKEND, Saturday, is the FNGLA Day-on-the-Bay tournament which we participate in each year. This year it is in August instead of September. Erik Tietig is coming by to talk to our meeting about the tournament.

The tournament is lots of fun. There are 9 species and the length of largest fish caught in each species is credited toward your catch total. Bass, Bonefish, Permit, Redfish, Shark, Snapper, Snook, Tarpon, Sea Trout, you should be able to catch some of those species. The Bay can be Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, or any other water around the Keys. The rule is to catch with lines in at safe light and then turn in the lengths for all your species at 3:00 p.m.

There are awards in each species as well as overall awards. Dennis and Vicky are fishing and are the team to beat.

Personally, I will fish shoreline around Turkey Point. I may use my kayak if others are willing to join me.

Tomorrow night will also be a presentation on fishing the shoreline and fueling canal around Turkey Point.

If you have a kayak and kayak fish you will enjoy learning at the presentation while studying the shoreline features for fishing the area.

Come on down. We will have Pizza at $5.00, all you can eat. There are also some carbonated adult beverages to accompany for $1.00 more each.

Generally we have fun getting together and going over the different fishing areas and styles. Hope you can come to participate.

See you there
Herman Watson


Jason Sullivan AND FISH FRY – Tuesday 07/28

South Florida fishing guide Jason Sullivan has told Tom he will join us for the meal and give a presentation on his adventures and style fishing.

He is listed as a Flamingo fishing guide.

“I am a South Florida native and full time fishing guide who has been fishing Southern Florida my entire life. The first time I visited Everglades National Park was a true life changing experience.

He is endorsed by Orvis and specializes in fly fishing and light tackle fishing for tarpon, redfish, snook, trout, bonefish, permit, shark, barracuda, and more. He trailers his 17’8ft Hells Bay skiff all over South Florida to experience the best the Glades have to offer.”

As a result of Henry’s incredible Yellow Tail trip, he has a huge pile of fillets which he is going to fry.  Gourmet, using Panko bread crumbs.   Crunchy, salty, greasy, and mouth watering, can’t get any better. Add cole-slaw, salad, as well as apple pie desert, plus maybe an adult carbonated beverage.  All this for $12.00.  You will not find a meal like this anywhere else.

Put the evening on your calendar.  Show up.  Bring your spouse, brother or sister, children, and/or friends..

This is a very special event.  Many thanks to Henry and Tom for making this happen.



Fish Fry – Henry’s good fishing and cooking skills 07/28

We are having a fish fry on Tuesday evening, July 28, starting at 7:30 for the regular meeting.

Henry had incredible experience fishing for Yellow Tail and has a huge pile of fillets which he is going to fry. To make things even better, he is using Panko bread crumbs.   Crunchy, salty, greasy, and mouth watering, can’t get any better.

Add cole-slaw, salad, as well as apple pie desert, plus maybe an adult carbonated beverage.

All this for $12.00.  You will not find a meal like this anywhere else.

Put the evening on your calendar.  Bring your spouse, brother or sister, children, and/or friends.  If you have a group or more coming, please let Henry or Russell know.  Right now they have to estimate how many will show up.

We are also working on getting a speaker.  If not, then the air will get thick with the exchange of individual fishing stories.  You can hear first-hand accounts of the 89 degree water at Big Pine Key outing.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by without joining in.  This does not happen once a year, this is a single unique event with Henry sharing his good fortune with the rest of the club.

See you all there.

Herman Watson


Big Pine Key fishing info and SDA Board Meeting

This month is the Big Pine Key outing, July 17-19.  There are two places where we usually stay.  Make your plans because everything books full before the weekend.

First is the Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages, located on Big Pine Key, was named for an old wooden bridge that linked Big Pine Key to No Name Key (the bridge has since been replaced with a concrete one).  The camp is located at the base of the No Name Key Bridge – the best bridge fishing in the Keys!  The original building was built in 1943 and still stands as a store.


No online reservations, so call call  305-872-2241.  Russell is coordinating who is staying there and who will crash together.  Give him a call if you want to link up there.


Second is the Big Pine Key Motel.  This motel is located directly on US1 highway.  No waterfront, but there is on-site parking for vehicles and boats, and guests are offered discounted meals at an adjacent cafe.

Rrooms come with free, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and cable TV. There are apartment units available.

Address: 30725 Overseas Hwy, Big Pine Key, FL 33043
No online reservations, so call cal (305) 872-9090.   Carmen and I will be staying there.  We will use the ramp at Old Wooden Bridge to launch and meet with Russell and the others.


Tomorrow evening, July 07, we are having the board meeting for July.
Rumor there will be a Yellowtail fish fry on July 14 general meeting.  Details will be worked out at the Board meeting.

Hope to see you there.