Sue Cocking – Fishing Meeting Tuesday, May 24th, at 7:30 pm

Special guest speaker will be Sue Cocking.  She is now the outdoors staff writer for Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts and in the past built a legion of fans in South Florida over the past 21 years as the Outdoors Writer for the Miami Herald.  The highly respected journalist was also a news reporter and anchor for several South Florida radio stations, including WINZ and WIOD, both in Miami.  She was also the co-host of “The Weekly Fisherman”, aired weekly on WQAM-560.
The Guy Harvey Outpost like to show their Outpost Attitude and there no one that does it better than Outpost Travel writer Sue Cocking.  She travels and showcases her adventures from Fishing, Diving, Paddleboarding and even just Chilling. Let Sue inspire you for your next adventure!  You can sign up for their newsletter at:
Special guest meal will be pulled pork tacos, thanks to Henry and his crew.  Meal cost will be $10.00  which is amazing once you taste the delicious treat of these authentic tacos.
We begin the meal at 7:30 and Sue will present about 8:00 pm.
Encourage all to attend.  Please RSVP so Henry can know how many tacos to prepare otherwise they might be sold out by the time you arrive.


See you there




Meet 5/09/16, fish 5/14/16, and eat

Yes, the meeting is tomorrow evening, May 10 at 7:30 pm.

Yes, the Outing date has bounced around.  It is now set for May 14, Saturday this coming weekend.
Some may be able to participate, some may not.
The Outing plan is to launch at Homestead Bayfront Park and then fish down to Alabama Jack’s, where we will tie up at the dock and do lunch together.
The plan is to run through Midnight Pass and then down toward the FPL Cooling Canal, then Card Point, and through Little Card Sound to the Card Sound Bridge.
Alabama Jack’s is located on the canal on the south side of Card Sound Road.
This is a map with the planned course of travel.
The distance is only 15 miles.
Many fishing locations between launch and lunch.
Interested in exploring?  Planning on leaving at 7:15 Saturday morning.  Return after Crab Cakes sandwich for lunch.  Alternative is to drive down and meet us on the land side.
Come tomorrow evening and we will discuss secret fishing spots along the way.  Tom Gray is going to bring Pizza.
Tell someone and/or bring a friend.
See you there

Tarpon Fishing Biscayne Bay – Tuesday, 04/25/2016 meeting

Tomorrow night, 04/26/2016 the second meeting of the month is scheduled.

We will get together and talk Tarpon. It is still Tarpon Season. Everyone has their own Tarpon experiences and we can pool our knowledge and learn from each other.

Tarpon secrets, tarpon spots, tarpon bait, tarpon presentation techniques, and Biscayne Bay Tarpon locations.

There will also be some videos starring Biscayne Bay Tarpon.

Special acknowledgement to and Captain Carl Ball for the photo.

We can also discuss the mess the Miami Marina’s are in and maybe some way to raise the visibility of this issue.

There will be Hot Dogs, Beans, and Chips for your culinary delight.

Can’t wait to see you then.

Herman Watson


04/12/2016 meeting skipped – Fishing Outing 4/24/2016

The club president has a huge ceremony this weekend when he is getting married, so there will be no meeting this week on Tuesday night.

The next meeting will be April 26 when we can get together and trade experiences on tarpon.
Speaking of tarpon, the monthly outing will be on Sunday, April 24th.
The target species will be tarpon.
Based on current conditions, the odds are better fishing Crandon marina area off Key Biscayne than going down to Whitewater bay.
Recent experiences indicate the tarpon are there at Flamingo, but none appear to be eating.  Additionally the wind and water conditions have not been too good.
Please email me if you have additional ideas.
Otherwise, we can launch at Crandon Marina on April 24th at 7:00 am.  More details to come in an email as we get closer to the date.

SDA: “Board Meeting” – RodBenders Tuesday 04/05 at 7:30

This month we are having the “Board Meeting” at RodBenders, Tuesday evening, 04/05/2016 at 7:30.  Address: 20400 Old Cutler Rd, Cutler Bay, FL 33189

Even if you are not on the “Board”, you are eligible to attend the “Board Meeting”.
We are using this as an opportunity to have a Dolphin sandwich with sweet potato fries, or fish tacos, or whatever seafood you like.  And by the way we will work out some kind of a plan April meetings and outing.
Want some input?  How about Dolphin sandwich for input?
Come and join the fun at the “Board Meeting”.
See you there,
Herman Watson

Meeting about fishing bull stories – Tuesday, 03/21/2016

Tomorrow evening we are going to have the second meeting for March, 03/21/2016.

We will get together and trade some bull stories about fishing Okeechobee and planning for April outing for Tarpon at Flamingo.
Everyone has bull stories about both territories.
Also, Tom Gray will appear with award winning chicken wings.
Where else can you get so much fun for $24 per month?
A planned trip somewhere that you would not normally go each month plus two meetings to talk and eat about the trip.
Come and join in the bull discussion.
You could even help clean up the droppings after the meeting.
Hope to see you there.

Fishing through the grass mat – pull up the big ones

Tomorrow night we are going to continue our freshwater fishing investigations.

We will meet at 7:30pm and have Dogs, Beans, and Chips for a meal.  Dogs will be steamed in beer so
they will be the usual delicious fare we periodically enjoy.

Then we will have a video guest presentation on Punching Heavy Cover which means going after the
fish where they hide and hang out.

Who ever thought of making a science out of punching through vegetation areas?  Well we will see
how the experts do it.

March 19 we are going to South Bay to launch and fish Okeechobee.  No excuses, there is a weekend
before the outing.  Additionally with freshwater the boat does not need the motor flushed.

Additionally, we will show anyone who does not know how to navigate the waters where to go.  We
will talk about that too tomorrow night.

So tune up your boat, or link up with someone who has one and prepare for a great Saturday in the
wind and sun on Lake Okeechobee for the 19th of March.

See you tomorrow night.

Herman Watson


Meeting 02/22/2016 – Road Kill Chili – Fishing talk

Tomorrow evening we will have our second meeting of the month.

The is Chili Night!  The meal will feature Herman’s award winning Road Kill Chili.  This recipe has won awards in competitions in the past.
You won’t want to miss this meal.
Guaranteed not too hot, not too cool, but just right.
Additionally, we will sit around and talk about fishing.

We all love to do that.
This month we got blown out of Lake Okeechobee and instead went to the Holey Land.  Water was HIGH and fish were a little hard to find, but everyone did catch something.
So in March we will attempt to again hit Okeechobee.
We will discuss fishing techniques and locations tomorrow evening.
Get your boat tuned up and ready to go.  That’s why you have a boat, isn’t it?
Each month we pick a different fishing location and technique.  That way there is no boredom going to the same old spot.  Get ready to join the fun.
Hope to share a meal with you tomorrow evening.

Fishing outing to Okeechobee, Dogs, and Water Tuesday 7:30 pm 02/02/2016

We are going to have an exciting meeting on Tuesday evening this week, February 09, 2016. We start at 7:30 pm.

First, Henry will be cooking giant dogs with chili, Shorty’s cole slaw, and baked beans. There will also be some ice cream for desert.

Second is our guest speaker from University of Miami, Lisa Kaminsky, Ph.D. She is
studying the water quality of Biscayne Bay and sampling salinity, bacteria, etc… She was supposed to be at the last meeting, but was struck by the virus going around. She has arranged to present this meeting.

Third, this Saturday, February 13 is our annual outing to Lake Okeechobee. Everyone remembers how much fun this trip is. We are planning it to be independent of wind problems.

You might ask how that can be done? Well, we are planning to launch on the lee side of the shore depending on the wind direction.

There are three potential launching locations. First of these is on the SouthEast corner at Slims Fish Camp. Second is on the East shoreline at Paul Rardin Park. Third is at Lakeport in the NorthWest corner of the lake.

We will show Google Earth images of each location and strategize how we will be getting there. The winning destination will be emailed on Friday afternoon.

Get your boat and trailer ready to go. This is the only outing scheduled for Okeechobee in the whole year. Alternatively, hook up with your friend to ride and help on their boat.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-year opportunity to explore a unique area of Florida you would not go by yourself.

About half have renewed their memebership. If you have not, please bring your check.

Hope to see you there.

Herman Watson



Family Fun Fish Fry – and other incredible things – Tuesday, January 12

This is the reminder that we are having a great Family Fun Fish Fry on Tuesday evening at 7:30.

Bring your spouse, friends, kids, and neighbors…..  Henry is sharing the Redfish he caught in Louisiana.  Not only sharing, but breading in Panko bread crumbs and frying!  Also there will be hush puppies, cole slaw, and Key Lime and Apple Pies.  All this for only $12 per person.
You cannot find a meal like this anywhere in a restaurant!  Wonderful game fish caught in the wild open range with loving gourmet preparation.  Only in this environment!  We also get to share a great social time together.
Pat Ford has generously donated 7 incredible original graphic images to our Club.  He will be there personally with the unveiling of the images giving the Club a whole new look.  We will acknowledge his magnificent work as he joins our meal.  You will be amazed when you see our new look.  You will be amazed to see that anyone can visualize these situations, much less capture them with a camera…. It’s truly, truly amazing!
Pablo will give a revealing description of his secret spot.  We are having the outing on Saturday, January 23, for the first monthly outing, to that secret productive place.  No other way will you learn about where and how to fish this treasured place.  Only by attending……
Annual dues also now need to be paid for 2016.  Please bring a check and get that business put away.
SO…., rearrange your schedule and make sure to attend on Tuesday evening’s unforgettable experience and meal.
Bring your guests!  Bring your appetites!  Bring your curiosity!  Be ready to have the great time that Henry and the Board are trying so hard to provide.
See you there!