Lots of things – May and more

Lots and lots of things coming up!

At the last meeting the decision was made to delay the May outing for Matheson Hammock until May 30th, because of a conflict with Memorial day weekend on the 23rd. Same plans to fish the western shoreline, but different day. All types of watercraft are welcome. Flats boats, kayaks, and bay boats should all be able to take advantage of the shoreline between Chicken Key and Dinner Key.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26. We are going to have the annual casting contest so we will start a little earlier – say around 7:00 pm. We will have three categories, Spin, Fly, and Bait casting. We will place the hula-hoop out a couple of distances and then measure how close casts come to the center of the hoop. Start practicing now.

Also, Joe Corbett will be giving a presentation on fishing tackle. He has many tips and helpful suggestions which will improve your game. Plus he will be happy to help upgrade your equipment. AND Henry will be making his award winning hamburgers while we cast the evening away.

Big Pine Key is in July. This is always an awesome, fun outing, but space is limited at the Old Wooden Bridge lodge, so we will decide which weekend to have the outing and then we should make reservations as quickly as possible. Our options are either Saturday July 11 or 18. Probably the 18th will work out better being a little further away from July 4th. Be prepared to make a decision on May 26th.

Old wooden bridge lodge

June will have our outing on Captain Chan’s Gulfstream party boat, Key Largo.
Captain Chan’s Gulfstream
Do we want to do day trip? ($65.00) or evening trip ($45.00)? Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Time is now allowing me to post pictures on our Facebook page again, so take a look and see if you see yourself. If not, then send a photo to be posted. There have been several Dolphin tournaments and Tom’s son-in-law had a nice catch.
ALSO. fill out a fish slip to enter our competition.
Fish slips:

Tight lines,
Herman Watson





May 12 meeting – focus on Matheson Hammock

Tomorrow night, May 12 at 7:30 pm, is the first meeting for the month of May.

We will be exploring the West side of Biscayne Bay from a launch point of
Matheson Hammock.

There will be video presentations fishing the West shoreline along with general
discussion with members sharing their own personal experience an knowledge of
the shoreline and shallow waters in that area.

There are many, many creeks, canals, flats, wrecks, and outflows in this area.

The outing has been moved one week later to May 23 to accommodate schedules.
We will launch from Matheson and target Bonefish, Jack, and Snapper for the
month of May.

It’s easy to run across the Bay to the Finger channels, Soldier Key, or Key
Biscayne, but what about working the West side?

We will address areas which can be reached by kayak, along with flats and/or
bay boats.  We are after all a mixed club including kayaks, flats boats, and offshore boats.

Where do you go with a strong East wind?

Come and listen, you might learn something you did not know about these areas.

Pizza will be offered, $5.00 for all you can eat.

See you there.

Herman Watson

Meeting and dinner- April 28th

So here’s the deal.

Each year the club has a annual tournament.

Fish that are caught are rated with points according to species, tackle, and weight.

Once you catch a fish, a fish slip is entered with the information.

That fish slip is on line at the web site:

Fish slip link

Dennis and we are going to have a discussion about the rules and how the tournament works.

We will also begin to have monthly competition for fish. Maybe the high point fish, the high point species, or tackle, etc.

This adds a little friendly competition and interest to our outings.

Dinner will be served, Piccodillo and rice, $7.00.

How can you go wrong on April 28, at 7:30 p.m.?

BTW: there was a great turn out for Flamingo outing.  Meetup has comments and some pictures. 

See you there.

Herman Watson


Flamingo logistics and Banquet

So Tuesday night, April 14,  we will have pizza ($5.00) and slides and discussion of the logistics of working an immediate area within 1 mile of the launch ramps at Flamingo.

The monthly outing this month is scheduled for Saturday, April 18, and is focused on kayak fishing ‘out front’.

An invitation is being offered to the Meet-Up Kayak Fishing group to participate.
Logistics are as follows:
All will meet at the front ramp at 7:00 on Saturday morning and we will fish in the area.
Where are the spots to focus on?  What about the tide conditions?  Wind conditions?
Which species should we look for?  Where are their secret spots?  What tackle combination should be used?
Are we all hanging together?  How much space do we give each other?
Any other gear we should have?  How about rope and an anchor pole?
How do you cast and hold a rod from a kayak?
How about food and drinks?
Please come and participate.  There will be slides with satellite views of the secret spots.
P.S. DON’T forget we also have the Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday evening starting at 6:30 pm.  We will be hosting the banquet at our own club house.  Dinner will be roast turkey, roast ham, and rice congri, plus any sides and desert you bring.  Admission is $15.00 per person and bring your wife, significant other, friends, family, and even in-laws.  All are welcome to the our party.
There is a huge tackle raffle that Dennis and Vickie have been working on.  Guaranteed everyone who purchases at least 10 tickets will win a prize.
If you have been to one before promises are you will enjoy being part of it..  There are participation awards in addition to catch awards.
This is going to be a fun filled, exciting family oriented event and week.
Please plan on being part of the fun.
This is all part of who we are as a social group.
BTW, have you see our fishing photos on Facebook?

April planning meeting (board)

Tuesday, April 7 is the board meeting.  All are invited to attend and help with planning and information.

Last meeting we had two speakers.  Jerry Appling presented on tarpon fishing at Flamingo.  Showed us some of his pictures and tackle plus secret spots.

Great presentation
Great presentation

We had a second speaker too, Norm Duncan.  He showed us several new knots plus showed us his own Duncan Loop.

Tying a knot - including Duncan Loop
Tying a knot – including Duncan Loop

How about Norman Duncan tying the Duncan Loop knot?   YouTube Duncan Loop Video

Next meeting will be a logistics meeting about kayak fishing out front of the dock.  More places, secret spots, and techniques.  Species to expect and all within paddle distance of the dock.

See you there

Herman Watson





Jerry Appling speaks at March 24 meeting

On March 24 SDA holds its second meeting for the month.  This meeting Jerry Appling is the speaker.  He is a lifetime member of SDA and runs the fly shop at Bass Pro Shops in the Dolphin Mall.  His topic is fishing for juvenile and adult tarpon ‘out front’ at Flamingo.

We will be hosting a kayak Meetup for the club April 18 outing at Flamingo.  Jerry’s presentation is part of the preparation and knowledge setup for that event.  More details on that event as we move into April.

On Sunday evening, April 19 the club will have its annual Awards Banquet.  This year we will have the Banquet at the club house.  Turkey, ham, and rice congri will be the fare for the meal with sides and deserts added by members attending.  The dinner will be held at 7:00 pm.   Wives and kids are invited.  There is always a good time with the awards and raffle for fishing items.  A few very special awards will be presented, so put the date on your calendar and count on having a fun time.

Dinner next Tuesday will be chicken and rice ‘Imperial’ along with desert and salad.  Plan on attending and having a meal together.  Sometimes these types of activities – eating and talking – are the most important parts of fishing.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Herman Watson







Meeting Tuesday, 3/10/2015

Tomorrow night, Tuesday night, is our regular first meeting for March.  We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday nights of each month.

Henry is making BIG DOGS with homemade chili.  Chopped onions and mustard, etc.  This is an incredible culinary delight that makes my mouth water just writing about it.  Don’t miss this awesome dinner, just $10.00. Gourmet dogs fetch gourmet prices at the store, but these cannot be topped except with chili:-)

Two presentations can be viewed.  Further details on each will be explored in future meetings. Additionally a web page containing links to these and other videos will be added to the South Dade Anglers web site (

First will be a very simple cast net technique without getting wet or putting lead weights in your mouth.  At another meeting (soon) we can go outside and practice in the grass since Daylight Savings time has started.  This meeting will be the introductory video to think about.

Additionally we will have a video on the Duncan Loop Knot.  This is a 100% strength knot that is internationally known.  It can be used to join multiple lines (line-to-line) or tie on a hook or jig.  At a later meeting next month we will have Norman Duncan come an personally explain how he invented the knot and different ways to apply it to almost any situation.

The Okeechobee outing was consistent with SDA outings.  Of course a cold front came in the night before.  We met at Bass Pro Shops and drive up US27 to South Bay, then Belle Glade, then up SR715 to Pahokee.  Overcast, but the weather was not too bad.

We arrived a Pahokee and drove the marina.  Seems the wind was North West at 15-20 mph with 3 foot waves rolling into the marina.  Docked boats were rocking from one side to the other.  So instead we drove back down Main Street and went to Papa Jimmy’s Catfish and more… for breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, biscuits, and gravy.  What better way to go fishing?

We went back down the road to Slim’s boat ramp at Torry Island Campground and launched in the rim canal behind all the grass and marshes.  This placed us on the lee side of the wind assault.  Some people had great luck and some of us did not.  All tried real hard though and had a fantastic time.  Take a look at the scenery photo as well as the fish caught.

See the photos at our Facebook page –

See you tomorrow night.

Herman Watson

BTW if you have not paid your 2015 dues they are overdue.  Please help us all continue by giving Fernando your check, just $250 for social, educational and fun times.  Best value in south Florida


Shrimp and Grits, Okeechobee fishing – Feb 24 meeting

Tuesday night we are going to have S.N.O.B. Shrimp and Grits cooked by our chefs Henry with Russel.  This is a great meal that you will not want to miss.  This is from the Slightly North of Broad restaurant in Charleston.  It is the real mouth watering thing.

There is also going to be a presentation on fishing styles for Lake Okeechobee which is the destination for the March outing.  Presentations will be for fishing the edge of the grass, fishing the flats, and fishing the rim canal.  All techniques are different and there is much to be learned.  This is how we master fun spaces where we have outings.  We will have an amount of familiarity with the locations before we even arrive there.  You won’t want to miss this presentation.

Speaking of presentations, take a look at the fantastic catch that everyone had at SawGrass.  The pictures are located on our facebook page at


Good food, good friends, good fun, this is what the agenda is about.  Hope to see you Tuesday night.

Herman Watson



Outing and Feb 24 meeting

This weekend we have the outing at Sawgrass Recreational Park.

IIf you want to be included, please let me know if your name is not on the list circulated last meeting.

We will meet at the ramp at 7:00 am and go from there.  Someone will turn on the wind about 9:30 and we will continue the experience beyond that.  Weather is calling for wind but acceptable temperatures.  Better than work, for sure.

Next Tuesday we will have Shrimp and Grits.   More details first of next week.

There will be presentations on fishing Okeechobee Lake with multiple styles.  Very interesting I promise you.  Think you know how to fish that area?  More than one way.

In summary, Saturday, 7:00 am fishing at Sawgrass Park.

Next Tuesday evening, Shrimp and Grits with fishing styles for Okeechobee.

Hope to see you there.


Feb 10 Meeting – Sawgrass Park logistics

On Tuesday night, February 10, we are meeting to go over fishing Sawgrass Park and its logistics.

Where is Sawgrass Park located?  How to get there?  What does it look like?

We have a few video friends who will give a presentation to answer those and more questions.

Are there fish there?  Come and see how to catch them.

We will also have some hot dogs and beans.

Bring your fishing stories too.  This is a sharing time for all to get up to speed on what has been going on in the territory.

Don’t forget to check the Facebook page for recent fishing trips and photos.  You can send me your photos of outings and catches to place there.

See you Tuesday night, 7:30.

Herman Watson

Example video link:  Bass Fishing Sawgrass