Henry Bass Fishing and Hammocks Grill Wings

Henry Bass fishing secrets & Hammocks Grill wings

Tuesday evening, tomorrow night is going to be a blow out.  May 23, 7:30 pm at the Club House.

First Henry is going to give us all (well maybe a few) of his awesome canal fishing tricks and techniques.  If you want to know how to catch the ‘big’ ones, this is the presentation you want to be part of.

Additionally, there will be Hammocks Wings (special grill flavor).  Price will be $8.00 per person.

Ever fish fresh water?  Wonder what and how to do?  Fish from shore or in a boat?  This is the discussion you want to participate in.  Come and ask your questions.  You will not find a more knowledgable source to learn from.

Saturday 5/27/2017 will be the monthly club outing.  Here we will fish Alligator Alley.  We will meet at Bass Pro shop at 6:30 in the morning and caravan up.  This is attempt to beat the heat of the day.

After fishing, we will make hotdogs and burgers on the Smokey Joe grill under the shelter at the boat ramp.
We will be at the Broward County rest stop which exits just past MM 35.

More outing details in a couple of days.

This is the time to come and attend the meal and discussion.

See you there


Gourmet pizza and talk about fishing Joe Bay

Joe Bay was recently opened for fishing after 40 years of being closed.  3,935 acres of Joe and Snag bays were reopened.

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, May 9, we will meet to discuss and eat.

First and foremost, this new “Backcountry Zone” as ENP refers to it as strictly a No Motor Zone. This means no other means of propulsion are allowed besides manpower. Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are all great options to take back into this area. Technical poling skiffs work great as well, but the motor must be removed from the transom before entering Joe Bay.

There are a couple of articles about this which we can discuss. Scientists study portion of Everglades closed to people for decades Article by Evelyn Gonzalez.  Joe Bay Reopens: The Everglades Newest No Motor Zone by Brenton Roberts.  We can review them and then talk about where, how, and what is interesting for fishing there.

Joe Bay logistics:
tow kayak
enter kayak
reenter boat
emergency boat rentry

Eddie bringing Momma Mia’s gourmet pizza.  $8.00 with salad.

The May outing will be May 27  – Aligator Alley (I-75) wins at the Board meeting.  We will cook burgers in shelter after fishing.  We will return to shelter at 12:30 pm.

Convoy from Bass Pro Shop north parking lot.  Leave at 7:00 am.



Fishing Alligator Alley – dinner and presentation

Tuesday evening David Faas will present fishing on Alligator Alley.  This is April 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the clubhouse.
He has first hand experience fishing the canals and access ramps along the way.
There are 8-10 ramps between US 27 and the Miccosukee Service Station.
They may all look the same, but do not be mislead.  Each one has a unique access to the roadside canals.  All of this is placed in the middle of the Everglades.
How about catching Bass plus Oscar, Jaguar, Cichlid, and Peacock all in the same canal?  With fly too….
How about every cast getting some type of action?
You won’t want to miss this discussion.  He’s got lots of knowledge and resources.
The food for the evening will either be pot-roast (boliche) or ropa-vieja.  Depends how long it cooks.  Guaranteed to be tasty.  There will also be rice and salad.
Also received this follow-up communication from Ana Zangroniz about available Biscayne Bay Water Watch sites.
    It was a pleasure to meet you last night! I really enjoyed speaking with the members of your group. I wanted to provide you with a list of Biscayne Bay Water Watch sites that are currently OPEN for adoption. Your guys can cross-check these with the map on the website:
    The correct color-coding scheme for the map is:  Red= site is adopted and Green=site is available.
    BB06, BB16, BB19, BISC102, BISC123, BB44, BISC121, BB48, FLAB01, AR01
    Please circulate this to your guys and anyone you know that might be interested in participating.
Some of you MeetUp people if you have a boat, you also could volunteer to participate.  Either contact
Ana at azangroniz_at_ufl.edu  <<<replace _at_ with @ symbol, or come to a meeting for more information.
Hope to see you Tuesday evening.

Eat, talk fishing, and presentation – 4/11/2017 – 7:30 pm

Tuesday evening, April 11, 2107, we have the privilege of having a guest speaker, Ana Zangroniz, who is a Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent, with the University of Florida IFAS Extension in Miami-Dade County.

So we will eat, and talk about Biscayne Bay, its water, and the scientific program focused on it. There will also be talking about fishing and the Bay fish populations too. (members plus Ana if she has input).

She will present on the Biscayne Bay Water Watch program which SDA participates in.

The image shows all the collection locations.


Clicking on any location will show plots of data which have been sampled and processed.

The study has volunteers going out once a month to collect data. I have been able to participate, and it’s a lot of fun. It personally gives me an excuse for 12 trips a year to a point where I would not routinely go to.

You will enjoy hearing about what is going on with the program.

There will be gourmet Pizza that Eddie will bring. $6.00 each. Plus there will be some adult carbonated beverages in the refrigerator.


Flamingo Kayak and Boat fishing ‘Out Front’ 04/08/17

Saturday, April 8, calling all Yakers and members with boats are going to fish Flamingo Florida Bay side.

We will launch at 7:00 am from the ramp nearest to the store.

For me it takes 2 hours from the time I leave my house to when I’m on the water. Your mileage may vary.

I plan to fish from 7:00 am until noon and then have a well earned hamburger in the restaurant right there at Flamingo.

It appears the wind will be North about 15 mph during the morning, moving more NorthEast around 2:00 pm, when we will be out of there.

The tide at Flamingo will be high at 2:10 am and then low at 9:57 am. Next high tide will be at 2:48 pm. Therefore most of the morning will be falling tide. Snake Bight is 1-1.5 hours after Flamingo tide change.

Google Maps coordinates for the image are
25.140558, -80.923504

I will look for clear water if I can find it. I will probably start going East toward Christian Point. Joe Kemp Key is a good target location for fishing. There are tons of flats to the East of the boat channel.

The West side has some deep water in front of the Camp Ground. Additionally, the flat is beautiful. Further West is Bradley Key. That is also a good target location for fishing.

As you know, that is why they call it ‘fishing’.

Next Tuesday, April 11, we will get together for gourmet Pizza that Eddie will bring. That way we can eat and talk about fishing.

There is also a special guest speaker Ana Zangroniz, Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent, University of Florida IFAS Extension Miami-Dade County. I will send another notification on the weekend with more information.

P.S. the board meeting will be at Blue Martini this evening starting at 7:30 pm. All are welcome.



Ken Napolitano talks at dinner meeting – Tarpon fishing

Tuesday, 3/28/2017, Ken Napolitano will present on Tarpon fishing “out front” at Flamingo.

Ken has lived in Miami, Key Largo, and Naples. He is a past president of SDA (25 years ago) and has fished all areas of South Florida flat waters for all species, but loves to focus on Tarpon.

He also builds custom fishing boats. He does an incredible job at that for some of our lucky members. His shop is local in South Dade.

He will talk about fishing for Tarpon at Flamingo, and especially addressing fishing for them with a kayak.

This is in preparation for the April 8 outing in Kayaks at Flamingo, targeting any species, but specifically for Tarpon.

Reports are that Tarpon have been currently migrating through Flamingo and this is a great time to go after them.

Hook a 90lb Tarpon in a kayak and you have a very interesting time ahead of you. See how long you can hold on. See where he drags you and the kayak. See if you can bring him to the kayak, or if he takes off for the sky first.

This is addictive fishing.

Additionally, we will be eating the delicacy – Masas de Puerco, which are Fried Pork Chunks. Guaranteed to fit in your diet that evening.

This is the last meeting before the Flamingo kayak trip, so we can also address the logistics of meeting up at the boat ramp.

If you have not been on the water there before, this is the time to go with a group with experience to learn.

Come on down Tuesday evening for a fun filled eating and talking time.

See you there.



SDA: Meet, eat ribs, talk about fishing and Everglades water Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Tomorrow evening ribs, Everglades water, Tarpon fishing, and good friends are featured.  It is the first meeting of March, 3/14/2017, at 7:30 pm.

This is a special dinner cooked by Chef David which features Smoked Ribs. Guarantee to be a special gastronomical treat.

The plan is to meet, eat, and talk about fishing. This is what the club is really good at.

Recently, there was an article in the Herald about:
“Water managers declare Everglades nearly clean; the people who live there say not yet”

Read more here: 

Thanks to the article for another Python photo.

So lets have a discussion about what our impressions are. A nice civilized discussion. The spice will be in the food, but the conversation can be interesting.

Also, April should be a good month for Tarpon fishing out front at Flamingo. Due to schedules for April, probably April 8th will work best for the outing. What do you think?

How about doing kayaks out front? There is a no-name river which runs right out front from Bradley Key to Joe Kemp Key. The fish run the shoreline in their shortcut to Snake Bight and beyond.

The situation is binary, if the fish are in, they will be running the shoreline. If they are not in, then alternate species will have to be explored. The adjustment as always will have to come once on the water.

If you are at the meeting then your input is valuable. If not, then another binary situation.

Hope to see you there.


Lake Okeechobee fishing moved to March 11

We have moved the Okeechobee outing up to Saturday March 11 because of availability.

The logistics are as follows:
If you want to join a convoy up to the ramp, we will meet at Bass Pro Shop at Dolphin Mall at 7:00 am on Saturday morning. We will leave together.

The ramp is located at the South Bay Boat Ramp. This is up US 27 which we will connect at the Turnpike Okeechobee Road exit. Drive is 73 miles and time is 1 hour, 15 minutes. We will be on Daylight Savings Time, so it will still be dark when we leave.

This is a close-up view of the ramp on the levee. You can zoom out to see where it is located on Okeechobee and US 27.

This is a link to the Top 10 Patterns used this January 30, 2017 at the FLW Lake Okeechobee competition. The patterns are where and how the top 10 finishers fished.

Taylor Ashley was the winner of the tournament. See his story here

Also this link shows the top 10 baits used in the tournament. Looks like they combined several things to get what they presented to fish.

After fishing we will have lunch at Roland Martin’s Tiki Bar in Clewiston.

Study hard and plan your trip. Planning is half of the fun.

Our first monthly meeting for March will be on March 14th. More information about that as we get closer.

Let me know if you are going on the Okeechobee outing.

If you are going, contact me so we can coordinate between boats who are going and who needs a ride.


Meeting 2/21/2017 – Talk and Eat – Okeechobee fishing March 18

Tomorrow night is the second meeting of February – 2/21/2017.
The reason was accommodation for Valentines day.
The meal is going to be outstanding.   Henry is going to cook his custom burgers and David is going to do his thing for sides.  $10 for the whole meal.
March 18 is the Saturday picked for next month’s outing.
We wait all year for this one.  Where?  Okeechobee Lake, of course.
We will convoy up to South Bay on U.S. 27 and use the ramp there.
The idea is to fish the Rim Canal plus all the grass flats in the whole Southwest corner of the Lake.
Want to learn about this place?  What and where are the grass flats?
There are flats that are even accessible with Kayak, but most likely we again will take the flats boats and/or Jon boats.
A special presentation will be made with the FLW 2016 episode showing the locations of where all the guides fished during their competition.  Guess where that was?  Exactly where we are talking about going.
If you want to know about Okeechobee plus get more comfortable with the idea of fishing it, come share with the members who have fished it for many years.
Navigation through the flats comes from experience and that’s what we will discuss.
You want to learn?  This is the best deal in town, or you could repeatedly hire guides to learn the same information.
Come on down while we talk about fishing, and eat while talking about fishing.  Then on March 18 some of us will even fish.
Hope you can make it.
See you there.

Lake Trafford Fishing Outing – 2/18/2017

Here are the details on Lake Trafford outing on Saturday, February 18.

We will meet in the North parking lot of Bass Pro Shop at Dolphin Mall to leave at 7:00 am. We will convoy over to the lake which is in Immokalee, Fl.

Google Maps shows 113 miles at 1 hour, 49 minutes drive time on I-75 and exit North on FL-29.

Nice relaxing drive to a place you maybe have not seen before.

When done, we will meet at the ramp and to to Rib City for BBQ lunch. The restaurant is on FL-29 just south of Lake Trafford Road.

Check out www.RibCity.com with zip code 34142 for location.

Lake Trafford is approximately 1500 acres of natural beauty. Located in northeast Collier County. Home to native birds, alligators and other swamp creatures. Trafford is regarded as a premiere fishing lake for most anglers, with it’s Crappie, Bass, Bluegill and Shellcracker that all call the lake home…. Come try it for yourself and spend some time in one of the most beautiful areas of Southwest Florida!


If you are planning on going, either RSVP or let me know. That way I will wait for before leaving Bass Pro on Saturday morning.

Guaranteed to be an easy fun exploration.

See you there.