Shrimp and Grits, Okeechobee fishing – Feb 24 meeting

Tuesday night we are going to have S.N.O.B. Shrimp and Grits cooked by our chefs Henry with Russel.  This is a great meal that you will not want to miss.  This is from the Slightly North of Broad restaurant in Charleston.  It is the real mouth watering thing.

There is also going to be a presentation on fishing styles for Lake Okeechobee which is the destination for the March outing.  Presentations will be for fishing the edge of the grass, fishing the flats, and fishing the rim canal.  All techniques are different and there is much to be learned.  This is how we master fun spaces where we have outings.  We will have an amount of familiarity with the locations before we even arrive there.  You won’t want to miss this presentation.

Speaking of presentations, take a look at the fantastic catch that everyone had at SawGrass.  The pictures are located on our facebook page at


Good food, good friends, good fun, this is what the agenda is about.  Hope to see you Tuesday night.

Herman Watson



Outing and Feb 24 meeting

This weekend we have the outing at Sawgrass Recreational Park.

IIf you want to be included, please let me know if your name is not on the list circulated last meeting.

We will meet at the ramp at 7:00 am and go from there.  Someone will turn on the wind about 9:30 and we will continue the experience beyond that.  Weather is calling for wind but acceptable temperatures.  Better than work, for sure.

Next Tuesday we will have Shrimp and Grits.   More details first of next week.

There will be presentations on fishing Okeechobee Lake with multiple styles.  Very interesting I promise you.  Think you know how to fish that area?  More than one way.

In summary, Saturday, 7:00 am fishing at Sawgrass Park.

Next Tuesday evening, Shrimp and Grits with fishing styles for Okeechobee.

Hope to see you there.


Feb 10 Meeting – Sawgrass Park logistics

On Tuesday night, February 10, we are meeting to go over fishing Sawgrass Park and its logistics.

Where is Sawgrass Park located?  How to get there?  What does it look like?

We have a few video friends who will give a presentation to answer those and more questions.

Are there fish there?  Come and see how to catch them.

We will also have some hot dogs and beans.

Bring your fishing stories too.  This is a sharing time for all to get up to speed on what has been going on in the territory.

Don’t forget to check the Facebook page for recent fishing trips and photos.  You can send me your photos of outings and catches to place there.

See you Tuesday night, 7:30.

Herman Watson

Example video link:  Bass Fishing Sawgrass



Dennis talks about Bass

Tuesday night, January 27th Dennis Horn will give a presentation on fishing for Bass.

As the photo indicates, Dennis knows the material very well.  He and Vicky routinely compete and win local tournaments.

We are having an outing on February 21 at Sawgrass Park.   February 10 we will cover location and logistics of Sawgrass.  The plan is to have both boats and kayaks participate.  Note that is where the picture of Dennis is taken.

David and John will have a delicious warm meal for us to enjoy.  The cost is $10.00 for a great gourmet home cooked meal.

The outing on January 24th went awesome.  Pablo and Frank went, Herman and Jo, Fernando and Terry, and Norman all went their boats.  The front first came through about 8:30 with a beautiful black line of clouds, and we did not get any rain.  The day began with South wind and finished with North West.  Water was shallow so we were protected.  After the first line of showers the sun came out and fishing was hot and heavy.  See why it is Pablo’s secret spot by checking out the photos  (see Facebook button upper right of this screen).

Annual dues $250 are ready to pay in January.  Please bring a check with you to the meeting.  Invite a friend.

Tight lines,

Herman Watson




First meeting – 2015, first outing

NOTE:  results of first meeting:  The outing is scheduled for January 24 due to availability.  All parties will meet at the ramp at Flamingo at 7:00 on Saturday, January 24th.
A list of participants was gathered at the meeting.  If weather does not permit, all will be notified of changes on Thursday evening (January 22).  No news means no changes, the outing will go as planned.
We are having the first regular meeting of the new year, 2015.

The calendar for the whole year is up on the web site:
Outings for 2015

We have posted our fishing pictures from the last outing on the facebook page:

This weekend the outing will be at Pablo’s secret spot.

Tomorrow night Pablo will tell us all his secrets and how to find, attract and catch multiple species.

Windfinder is showing SE/E winds about 15 mph and a little cooler 73 degrees day.  Looks like it will be a GREAT day to go fishing.

Come on over to the meeting and have a hot dog, talk some fishing trash, and learn a few things about a particular fishing style.

Lets have some fun.  See you there,….

New Outings Calendar is up!

The new outings calendar is posted at

Outings for 2015

The Board is happy to present the sites and adventures.

All is contingent on the weather cooperating.

We are going to have kayak friendly locations and presentations for the fishing spots including information about fishing the general areas.

Presentations will focus on the location, the target species, the techniques used for fishing from the shore, a kayak, and a boat, and secret spots to fish.

More discussion at the next general meeting on January 13.

BTW, annual membership dues need to be paid in January.  Bring a check to the next meeting.  Where else can you have so much fun for $250 a year or $10.42 per meeting?  You can not hire a guide for even half day for that amount and you get 24 lessons in location, technique, and styles.

Also note the link to our Facebook page in the upper right of this page.  We are posting photos of catches on that page, so ‘Like’ the Facebook page and get a notification whenever we have new catches.

See you at the meeting Tuesday, January 13.


Holiday Pot Luck

So here we are eating and talking fishing again.  Sometimes you don’t even have to get on the water to fish.  Just talking about it is almost as good as being out there.

We all got together and had a wonderful pot luck dinner to celebrate a great year together, all the fun and social community, and friendship we share.

We hope for continued blessings in the coming year and are thankful for all the health and  great times had together.

Maybe it’s time you consider joining us to participate in some of the group fun times.

Best wishes in the coming year.  Blessings for all our families.




Stone Crab Claws at SDA meeting Nov 18

Al Juliacs has offered again to obtain stone crab claws for our ‘Thanksgiving’ meeting.  The board decided that November 18 will be the only date for the single meeting for November.  Next Tuesday is too soon and November 25 is too close to Thanksgiving.

The meal cost will be $30.00.  Stone crab prices are up very high this year.
Craving seasonal stone crabs? Get ready to pay plenty at Joe’s, Truluck’s, Billy’s and more

Everyone who attends must let John Melchior know in advance.    305dash256dash3902

There must be at least 20 guaranteed, confirmed, hungry attendees who will happily pay for their meal.  Attendance needs to be arranged BEFORE SDA can commit to purchasing crab claws.  Please appreciate that $600 will be committed by the club in your behalf if we proceed.

If you have not arranged in advance with John for attending and paying then no crabs will be purchased.  If there are not at least 20 attending then there will be no meeting for November.

Please help with this decision and let John know if you are coming.  John will try to call every member who does not contact him soon.

A decision needs to be made before next Tuesday.
In hungry anticipation,

Herman Watson


Dinner and guest presentation

Last night we all met.

David made awesome chicken and Caesar salad.

We reviewed the Everglades/Chokoloskee outing and saw some pictures of the redfish caught.

Then there was a presentation by Blair Wiggins – complements of Youtube about chasing Permit in Key West.

Had a great time.  Maybe next time you join us.