Jason Sullivan AND FISH FRY – Tuesday 07/28

South Florida fishing guide Jason Sullivan has told Tom he will join us for the meal and give a presentation on his adventures and style fishing.

He is listed as a Flamingo fishing guide.


“I am a South Florida native and full time fishing guide who has been fishing Southern Florida my entire life. The first time I visited Everglades National Park was a true life changing experience.

He is endorsed by Orvis and specializes in fly fishing and light tackle fishing for tarpon, redfish, snook, trout, bonefish, permit, shark, barracuda, and more. He trailers his 17’8ft Hells Bay skiff all over South Florida to experience the best the Glades have to offer.”

As a result of Henry’s incredible Yellow Tail trip, he has a huge pile of fillets which he is going to fry.  Gourmet, using Panko bread crumbs.   Crunchy, salty, greasy, and mouth watering, can’t get any better. Add cole-slaw, salad, as well as apple pie desert, plus maybe an adult carbonated beverage.  All this for $12.00.  You will not find a meal like this anywhere else.

Put the evening on your calendar.  Show up.  Bring your spouse, brother or sister, children, and/or friends..

This is a very special event.  Many thanks to Henry and Tom for making this happen.



Fish Fry – Henry’s good fishing and cooking skills 07/28

We are having a fish fry on Tuesday evening, July 28, starting at 7:30 for the regular meeting.

Henry had incredible experience fishing for Yellow Tail and has a huge pile of fillets which he is going to fry. To make things even better, he is using Panko bread crumbs.   Crunchy, salty, greasy, and mouth watering, can’t get any better.

Add cole-slaw, salad, as well as apple pie desert, plus maybe an adult carbonated beverage.

All this for $12.00.  You will not find a meal like this anywhere else.

Put the evening on your calendar.  Bring your spouse, brother or sister, children, and/or friends.  If you have a group or more coming, please let Henry or Russell know.  Right now they have to estimate how many will show up.

We are also working on getting a speaker.  If not, then the air will get thick with the exchange of individual fishing stories.  You can hear first-hand accounts of the 89 degree water at Big Pine Key outing.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by without joining in.  This does not happen once a year, this is a single unique event with Henry sharing his good fortune with the rest of the club.

See you all there.

Herman Watson


Big Pine Key fishing info and SDA Board Meeting

This month is the Big Pine Key outing, July 17-19.  There are two places where we usually stay.  Make your plans because everything books full before the weekend.

First is the Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages, located on Big Pine Key, was named for an old wooden bridge that linked Big Pine Key to No Name Key (the bridge has since been replaced with a concrete one).  The camp is located at the base of the No Name Key Bridge – the best bridge fishing in the Keys!  The original building was built in 1943 and still stands as a store.



No online reservations, so call call  305-872-2241.  Russell is coordinating who is staying there and who will crash together.  Give him a call if you want to link up there.


Second is the Big Pine Key Motel.  This motel is located directly on US1 highway.  No waterfront, but there is on-site parking for vehicles and boats, and guests are offered discounted meals at an adjacent cafe.

Rrooms come with free, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and cable TV. There are apartment units available.


Address: 30725 Overseas Hwy, Big Pine Key, FL 33043
No online reservations, so call cal (305) 872-9090.   Carmen and I will be staying there.  We will use the ramp at Old Wooden Bridge to launch and meet with Russell and the others.


Tomorrow evening, July 07, we are having the board meeting for July.
Rumor there will be a Yellowtail fish fry on July 14 general meeting.  Details will be worked out at the Board meeting.

Hope to see you there.


6-23-2015: Mark on Bahamas Extreme Kayak Fishing

Mark Ydoanis is one of the South Dade Anglers and a  crazy guy that does a lot of kayak fishing.

Tuesday night, June 23, he has agreed to tell us about the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament called Battle in the Bahamas which he competed in in April.

Here’s a link for more information on the tournament.


We will explore more photos and the web page plus satellite imagery of the destination.

It will be lots of fun to hear the details first hand about such an adventure.  BTW he regularly fishes offshore in Pompano and Davie, so this is not such a reach for him.

There will be gourmet burgers, beans, and chips to go along with the talk, plus cold liquid refreshments.  How could one not make this the highest priority for Tuesday evening.

Sorry about Captain Chan’s, the wind was typical for a SDA outing.  We will catch up on this trip soon.

In July, we are having the Big Pine Key outing.  It is projected for July 17-19, so we need to start thinking about who is going and making arrangements at the Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Lodge.  There are few rooms and reservations need to be made early.  There are other alternatives too, but this has a ramp and is right on the water.



June 13, Anglers fishing Captain Chan’s Gulfstream Party Boat

This weekend, June 13, we are going to go out on the Captain Chan’s Gulfstream Party fishing boat for night fishing.



Gulfstream Party Fishing Boat, 1313 Ocean Bay Drive, Key Largo, FL 33037
This map can be used to get directions:
$45.00 Adults ~ $35.00 Kids
7:00 pm ’till midnight
Bring your light tackle if you are looking for some yellow tails.
Bring your wife, significant other, friend, and/or kids.
Everyone is making their own reservations, but I recommend you do that before driving down.
The boat leaves promptly at 7:00 pm, so make sure you get there early enough to get settled.  We will be there, so we can group up on the boat.
Don’t forget to bring a tip for the first mate.

See you there.


Meeting tonight! – June 09, 2015 – Bring your fishing Cast net

Bring your bait fishing cast net this evening. This helps us complete our profile as anglers.  We are going to learn how to throw a net without even having to put weights or anything in your mouth. Plus you will not get soaked with the second cast.

There will be video and hands on experiences. I have a small net that can be used for practice in case you do not have a net yet. If you do, bring yours and we can work on getting comfortable with this technique.

This weekend, June 13, we are going to go out on the Captain Chan’s Gulfstream Party fishing boat for night fishing.

Captain Chan’s Facebook page


Florida Keys web page

Gulfstream Party Fishing Boat, 1313 Ocean Bay Drive, Key Largo, FL 33037

This map can be used to get directions:


$45.00 Adults ~ $35.00 Kids
7:00 pm ’till midnight

Bring your own fishing light tackle Saturday evening if you are looking for some yellow tails.

Bring your wife, significant other, friend, and/or kids.

Please let me know if you are planning on going Saturday evening.

Tonight, Tom is bringing Pizza tonight so you will not be overcome with hunger  while working with your net.

Of course bring some of your fishing stories. We can talk for hours just entertaining each other.

See you tonight at 7:30 pm.

Herman Watson

Casting Contest

May 26 Fishing Casting contest and Joe Corbett Speaker

May 26 is the second scheduled meeting of the month and is our annual casting contest.

Please try to arrive a little so we can take advantage of the daylight, eat, and have Joe speak.

Three categories:  Spin, Baitcaster, Fly.  Bring your own rod or use one of ours.  We will provide a weight to attach to the line for casting.  There will be a hula-hoop down range with a fish in the middle.  The closest cast wins in each category.

We are also having gourmet hamburgers. Henry is cooking and there will be bleu cheese sauce with balsamic reduced onions to top the burgers with.  Optional of course.

THEN Joe Corbett will give a presentation on fishing tackle. This guy knows his business and will give us some good tips.  He will also answer any questions you have or if you have something broken, bring it for him to evaluate.

Lets start at 7:00 pm.  Please try to come so we can follow our natural instincts to compete.

Don’t forget we will have the outing on Saturday, May 30, on the West side of Biscayne Bay; from Chicken Key to Dinner Key.  We will discuss the logistics of the outing.  Bay boat, flats boat, or kayak, take your pick.  Fish of the month are Bonefish, snapper, and jack.  Catch your own choice, we will compete for the high point fish in each of the 3 species.  Awards will be made in the first meeting in June.

Can’t wait to see you there.  Be early…

Herman Watson


Lots of things – May and more

Lots and lots of things coming up!

At the last meeting the decision was made to delay the May outing for Matheson Hammock until May 30th, because of a conflict with Memorial day weekend on the 23rd. Same plans to fish the western shoreline, but different day. All types of watercraft are welcome. Flats boats, kayaks, and bay boats should all be able to take advantage of the shoreline between Chicken Key and Dinner Key.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26. We are going to have the annual casting contest so we will start a little earlier – say around 7:00 pm. We will have three categories, Spin, Fly, and Bait casting. We will place the hula-hoop out a couple of distances and then measure how close casts come to the center of the hoop. Start practicing now.

Also, Joe Corbett will be giving a presentation on fishing tackle. He has many tips and helpful suggestions which will improve your game. Plus he will be happy to help upgrade your equipment. AND Henry will be making his award winning hamburgers while we cast the evening away.

Big Pine Key is in July. This is always an awesome, fun outing, but space is limited at the Old Wooden Bridge lodge, so we will decide which weekend to have the outing and then we should make reservations as quickly as possible. Our options are either Saturday July 11 or 18. Probably the 18th will work out better being a little further away from July 4th. Be prepared to make a decision on May 26th.

Old wooden bridge lodge

June will have our outing on Captain Chan’s Gulfstream party boat, Key Largo.
Captain Chan’s Gulfstream
Do we want to do day trip? ($65.00) or evening trip ($45.00)? Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Time is now allowing me to post pictures on our Facebook page again, so take a look and see if you see yourself. If not, then send a photo to be posted. There have been several Dolphin tournaments and Tom’s son-in-law had a nice catch.
ALSO. fill out a fish slip to enter our competition.
Fish slips:

Tight lines,
Herman Watson





May 12 meeting – focus on Matheson Hammock

Tomorrow night, May 12 at 7:30 pm, is the first meeting for the month of May.

We will be exploring the West side of Biscayne Bay from a launch point of
Matheson Hammock.

There will be video presentations fishing the West shoreline along with general
discussion with members sharing their own personal experience an knowledge of
the shoreline and shallow waters in that area.

There are many, many creeks, canals, flats, wrecks, and outflows in this area.

The outing has been moved one week later to May 23 to accommodate schedules.
We will launch from Matheson and target Bonefish, Jack, and Snapper for the
month of May.

It’s easy to run across the Bay to the Finger channels, Soldier Key, or Key
Biscayne, but what about working the West side?

We will address areas which can be reached by kayak, along with flats and/or
bay boats.  We are after all a mixed club including kayaks, flats boats, and offshore boats.

Where do you go with a strong East wind?

Come and listen, you might learn something you did not know about these areas.

Pizza will be offered, $5.00 for all you can eat.

See you there.

Herman Watson

Meeting and dinner- April 28th

So here’s the deal.

Each year the club has a annual tournament.

Fish that are caught are rated with points according to species, tackle, and weight.

Once you catch a fish, a fish slip is entered with the information.

That fish slip is on line at the SouthDadeAnglers.com web site:

Fish slip link

Dennis and we are going to have a discussion about the rules and how the tournament works.

We will also begin to have monthly competition for fish. Maybe the high point fish, the high point species, or tackle, etc.

This adds a little friendly competition and interest to our outings.

Dinner will be served, Piccodillo and rice, $7.00.

How can you go wrong on April 28, at 7:30 p.m.?

BTW: there was a great turn out for Flamingo outing.  Meetup has comments and some pictures. 

See you there.

Herman Watson