Feb 27 Meeting fishing World Record Holder

On February 27th, we will hold our second meeting for the month. The guest speaker will be Martin Arostegui . Martin currently owns over 200 world records which is a remarkable achievement. The only way you can achieve that is by careful planning and detailed preparation.  He has taken world record fishing to an all time high. He will be discussing fishing in the Everglades for Largemouth Bass. A meal will be served at the upcoming meeting.  Please RSVP no later than Sunday, February 25th

Also, Eddie Mesis will bring samples of the new club t shirts to the meeting for our review. . As a reminder, the drawing for the Yeti Cooler Giveaway is still on.  The only way to receive a ticket is by showing up to the club meetings.

During our last meeting, we had an excellent speaker and a small turnout. .Please try not to miss out on this speaker!

Lastly, the remodeling of the bathroom is ongoing. This weekend, Herman, Tom Gray and David Glabman will complete the tiling..We are still in need of several volunteers to assist with the bathroom.   If you are available to assist either day, please contact me at (786)  525-7034 Herman will be at the clubhouse after 1:30 pm on Saturday to begin laying the tile.  David Glabman and I will be there Sunday grouting.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!

Tight Lines

Henry Acosta
Club President



Dear Anglers,
Please review the attached calendar for February 2018. The f ish of the month for February is Kingfish.

The next meeting is set for February 13th.  Our guest speaker will give a presentation on Kingfish tactics and fishing for Wahoo. We plan on having a dinner during the meeting and will advise of the meal/price once they have been determined.

February 13th we will be having a dinner provided by Fernando. Please send an RSVP if you are coming so we can purchase the correct amount of food.

Tight Lines,

Henry Acosta
Club President


Capt Alan Zaramba presents fishing

Dear Anglers,

This Tuesday the 23rd, at 7:30 pm, we will hold our second meeting for January. The featured speaker will be Capt Alan Zaramba . He has 27 years of experience in fishing for Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass in Florida. He also arranges fishing trips to the Amazon to fish for Giant Peacocks.

Tuesdays dinner will be a catered event. The menu will be an Italian Feast at a cost of $15.00 per a person. A minimum of 10 guests must be confirmed by tomorrow, Sunday, at 8 pm.  I must notify the caterer of the amount of individuals attending (if we get enough confirmations) first thing Monday morning.

Please text or call Henry, President at 786-525-7034 or David , Vice President, at 305-975-5778, to RSVP.

As a reminder, club dues are to be paid by the end of this month. We plan to use this money inorder to make upgrades to the clubhouse and sponsor events by the club. On Tuesday, club members who have paid their dues for the year will receive two raffle tickets towards our first quarterly give away- a Yeti Cooler!

Thanks Guys and I hope to see you there on Tuesday.

Henry Acosta
Club President


First meeting of year, Dues, Fishing, Food

Dear Anglers,

This Tuesday, January 9th, at 7:30 pm, we will hold our first meeting of the year. As a gesture of appreciation to our members, a steak dinner will be provided by the club. As a courtesy, it is important that you RSVP no later than Monday, by noon, should you wish to partake in the steak dinner. This is needed so we know how much food to provide at the meeting.  Please text or call me at 786-525-7034 or text David Glabman, Vice President, at 305-975-5778, to RSVP.

On Saturday, January 13th, we have scheduled the first outing for the year and will be fishing in freshwater at Holey Lands Campbell Public Use Area. Holey Lands is on the border of Broward County and West Palm Beach, off of US 27. I would like for us to meet at the entrance no later than 8am and then caravan to the boat ramp. I will make a presentation this Tuesday on baits and tackle to use for this upcoming outing. This year we are committed to planning trips that will make it easier for those without boats to pair up with those that have boats. These needs will be discussed at the meeting prior to the scheduled outing.

Also, please be advised dues are due in the amount of $250.00, for the year, during the month of January.

Lastly, we are now active on Facebook and Twitter.  It is important to like and share on our sites so that we may gain more interest in our club. I hope to see you all  at the meeting!


Henry Acosta
Club President


Sprigger Bank Fishing 12/16

Good news the weather gods have shined on us and we are able to do are outing .

Herman and I have decided the best way to go is if we all caravan from Jacks bait and tackle shop which is on Dixie highway right before you get in the keys meet up time is at 6:30.

For you guys planning on buying bait there are tackle stores on the way down that you can go to Dons Bait and tackle 90 N Homestead Blvd , Homestead ,Fl 33030 .

You can always pick up your bait at Jacks Bait and tackle where we will be meeting. Bait of choice and the easiest to deal with is Live shrimp expect to buy a good amount at least 8 dozen if the Mackerel fishing is good you might be getting a hit every cast.

Strips of Ballyhoo work well also if you can catch lady fish or pin fish  behind the boat you can always strip them up and use them.

On the artificial side of baits Mackerel jigs work well tipped with shrimp also spoons work well.

It is a good time to use fly rod for the Mackerel a sinking line is suggested for this type of fishing and fly’s with a long shank hook work well, If you cannot find a fly with a long shank a wire trace to a fly will work also.

We will be launching out of SeaBird Marine 69501 Overseas Hwy,Long Key , Layton, Fl 33001 305-664-2871.

We will be following Herman out to the Mackerel grounds.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me 786-525-7034 or Herman 305-972-4209.

Please try to make the outing it is going to be a lot of fun.

Thanks Guys

Henry Acosta
President SouthDade Anglers


SDA: Holiday Meal – 12/10/2017 – 6:00 pm

December 10, Sunday, 6:00 pm, SDA Holiday Meal

This Sunday evening we are getting together to celebrate our Holiday Meal for the year.

There will be Lechon, Turkey, and Ham.

You got to bring sides, desert, salad, or bread.

Pick one of the items and show up!  Did I say Sunday, 6:00 pm, Clubhouse?  Would love it if you email me with your RSVP.

Yes – salad
Yes – side
Yes – desert
Yes – bread

We will elect the new Board and Henry as the new President at the same time.

We will talk about fishing with full mouths as usual.

We will celebrate the past year and the upcoming year.

We will discuss the upcoming Makerel outing on December 16 (Saturday).

We will have a time of joy and celebration.

Come on down, bring some food.  Bring your wife, kids, friends, and others.  All are welcome.  Leave the dog at home.

Again, this is THE December meeting, Sunday, at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse.

Come share a good time.  See you then.


December 05 Planning Meeting for month

Here’s the plan for December meetings and activities

Tuesday evening, December 05, there is a planning meeting for the annual Holiday Dinner.

This year the Dinner will be on Sunday evening, December 10.  It is an easier time for wives, friends, and kids to attend than for Tuesday evening.  Time?  Who’s cooking?  Sides?  Deserts?   Volunteers are appreciated.

Then, weather holding, we will have the Mackerel Outing on Saturday, December 16.  We will plan a couple of locations and come up with the best plan based on weather conditions.  This is what needs to be discussed.

Sprigger Bank?

We will have some great hot dogs, chips, and adult beverages available to sustain us through the labored discussions.

See you there


Steak Night and Fishing Talk – 11/14 – 7:30 pm

Tuesday, 11/14 – Steak Night!! (and fishing talk)

There will be Steak cooked to perfection complete with sides. Only $10.

Henry is coordinating the meal while others contribute. PLEASE TEXT HENRY AND LET HIM KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING – 525-7034 IN THE 786.

Imagine buying steak for 30 and only 15 show up. You do the math, please let Henry know if you are going to eat.

This is the single November meeting because of Thanksgiving.

We are also going to put together the logistics for Whitewater Bay outing on Saturday, November 18.

We will probably meet at the Back Country Ramp at 7:00 and then a group will convoy down Buttonwood canal to Coot Bay, then through Tarpon Creek to Whitewater.

Depending on the wind direction and conditions, we will choose which direction to go. We will all hang together until we stop and fish an area.

After fishing for awhile, we will meet up and run back to the ramp together.

Lets plan on having sandwiches at the picnic benches at the cleaning station next to the boat ramp.

Guaranteed there are fish in Whitewater Bay. Guaranteed you will have fun participating. Guaranteed if you need a ride this is the night to show up. Guaranteed you will remember this trip.

Plan on showing up at 7:30 pm. Hope to see you there.


Happy Club, Happy Members, Happy Fishing

Good news!

We met last Tuesday evening and a good size group of members showed up.

It was enthusiastically decided to continue operation of SDA.

New officers were nominated as follows:

President: Henry Acosta
VP: David Glabman, Frank Cassidy
Treasurer: Fernando Freyre
Secretary; Tom Gray
Board: Eddie Conception, Eddie Mesis, Roger Will
Immediate Past President Herman Watson
Past President Tom Van De Water

We had a general discussion about how the hurricane affected Everglades National Park.

It was decided on November 18, there will be an outing to Whitewater Bay. As a result, there will be one meeting in November, on the 14th where we will discuss logistics and planning for the outing.  We will make plans to meet after for some sandwiches or burgers.

We also decided in December to have the annual holiday party/meal.  At that meeting new officer nominees for 2018 will be voted into office.

Also in December we will plan a December Mackerel fishing trip.  The destination will be selected based on weather predictions at the time.

Thanks to all for the response and support.  Please set your calendars and importantly, continue to show up.

Let’s all continue to have fun and a good time.


The Future of fishing with SDA – Meet Tuesday, 10/24

Tomorrow night, Oct 24, we are having a meeting to discuss a plan for next year.

This club is a bunch of friends who regularly enjoy times and events together.  We meet twice a month, have a meal,  and an additional activity once a month.  The goal is to have fun together.

It has been a club since 1971.  It has always been a family oriented club with women members and family participation.  It has it’s own cool clubhouse too.

The current frustration is a regular meeting has only a few who attend.

There are 22 paid members.

There are 85 names on the email distribution list.

There are 230 members on

All seem to enjoy reading about us. It appears most have an interest but somehow do not come to meet.

The friends who do come have not had much fun trying to make everything happen.  The challenge is not much incentive to continue this way.

Tomorrow night we are meeting to plan for 2018.

New officers are needed, but the real need is for numbers of people to be excited and have fun.

Henry is bringing NY style Pizza, and there are cold adult carbonated beverages in the refrigerator.

So maybe this evening you can come?

Hope to see you there.