January 21 Camp out and Fishing – Flamingo

Well, we are definitely on for camping at Flamingo on Saturday evening, January 21.

Some will go earlier on Friday, so they will secure the campsites.

Pablo is staying in the motor home on the Loop. Have to determine which one when down there. You may be able to message him when you arrive down there. I suppose he and Frank are going out early Saturday and Sunday too.

Eddie Conception is also going down on Friday along with some others.

Eddie has reserved 4 campsites for Friday evening, and another 7 for Saturday evening. He is also upgrading to a place on the Loop road where the boat and truck can be stored too.

The walk-in tent camping also has a parking area for the vehicles that are tent camping.

The plan is to gather at Pablo’s motor home on Saturday evening and all cook and eat together.

Bring your own strip steaks. We will cook all of them at the same time and probably slice them up for a communal meal.

If you catch fish, they can also be cooked on the grill.

Hopefully you pitch your tent before dark. Remember the bugs swarm at sunset, so be sure to bring some spray. A mosquito Thermacell will also help. Once it is dark, the bugs to go bed.

Sunday morning, everyone is on their own.

I personally will fish from the shore either by the Restaurant or the Campground.

Others will have their boats. Some will kayak fish off the Campground.

If you are planning to come down, contact Eddie or Herman for information about which sites we have available.

Otherwise I am expecting a fun, fun time. The stars at night are incredible plus being outdoors is so much fun. Planning, executing and enjoying the stay are all what make the time fun.

Hope you can join us too.


January 10 meet & Flamingo campout

Happy New Year, 2017!

We will start the new year with camping and fishing this month.

The outing will be Saturday/Sunday on January 21-22 at Flamingo in the Everglades. The campout will be at the Flamingo campground (shown in picture) with fishing right off the shore. Kayak and canoe fishing will also work off the campground. Your flats boat will also work from the nearby marina, choice is yours and the weather.

The plan then is to fish, eat, sleep, and then fish some more. Any part of that combination you are welcome and invited to participate with.

Especially on Saturday evening, after fighting the fish all day, we will have said fish and steak on the charcoal grill in the Campground.

January is just about the best time to camp there. Hopefully the bugs should be minimal the weather will cooperate (maybe cold or hot – unknown at this point, to be determined near the outing date as it comes closer).

The night sky is unbelievable once you are there. You never saw so many stars as you will see from there. The moon will be 34% full, as a waning crescent which will rise at 1:42 am and set at 1:13 pm. BTW, sunrise will be 7:08 in the morning, sunset at 5:57 pm. Tides will be 10:39 am high tide and a 5:36 pm low tide on Saturday.

Next Tuesday, January 10, 7:30 pm, we will have the first meeting of the new year.

Pablo will speak on the logistics of camping there and also fishing the banks for Snapper, Trout, and Makerel. He might even share how he catches his fish (maybe).

Tom Gray will bring Pizza plus there is a good assortment of carbonated adult beverage in the refrigerator. We will eat and talk about fishing – we are real good at this. Sometimes we even go fishing…. the most important thing is the fun we have eating and talking. Come on down and join in the social discussion.

The officers for 2017 are as follows: President: Herman, 1st Vice President: Henry, 2nd Vice President Dave G, Treasurer: Fernando. Thanks to everyone for the support.

BTW, since it’s January, it is also time for annual membership dues. Please bring a check to help keep things going.

See you there!


Mackerel fishing 12/17 and Holiday Party 12/18

The board decided last evening at the meeting on the following:


Have a mackerel fishing trip on Saturday, December 17.  The trip location will be determined based on the wind conditions.  Location candidates are Sprigger Bank, Biscayne Bay, or Whitewater Bay.  Why fish alone? Link up with someone who wants to go.

Then on Sunday, December 18, the club will have its annual Holiday Party starting at 6:30 pm.  Main dishes are covered, but please bring either a side or desert.

Henry and David G. are coordinating the events.  Please communicate with them so they can plan on accommodating both events.  If they don’t hear from you , then they will ASSUME that you will not be present.

Please let them know
1) if you are going Mackerel fishing
2) If you are coming to the party, and what you can bring.

Here are email addresses (use @ and . instead of (at) and (dot) ).  This discourages spammers from copying addresses.

Henry – acostalisa(at)bellsouth(dot)net
David G – dglabman(at)bellsouth(dot)net

Happy holidays!



WEDNESDAY, Nov 9, 7:30 pm, eat and talk about Nov 12 Fishing Outing

Wednesday evening at 7:30 is the meeting this week.

No election results there.

Will talk, eat, and discuss logistics for November 12 fishing outing.  Launch near and lunch at Gilbert’s, Key Largo, with afternoon entertainment.

The ramp is across the Creek from Gilbert’s.

Kayak, kayak, or flats boat; take your pick.  I will probably be in a kayak.

What is accessible?  Jewfish Creek and US1 Bridge is the launch point.  So is Blackwater Sound.

1.25 miles to north end of Jewfish Creek.

Little Blackwater Sound entrance is 3.3 miles.

Trout Cove is 10 miles.

Take your pick based on your transportation.

At 2:00 we will meet back at Gilbert’s and have lunch.

Launch will be at Yacht Club Drive Marina at 7:30 am.  Kayaks are $10 and boats with trailer parking are $20. (park back in parking area with free ride back and forth).

Will post MeetUp details with links for Marina, Entertainment, and Maps in the post.  We are located at the link below where you will find this posting.  On Wednesday I will post details and logistics like we will discuss on Wednesday evening.

South Florida Fishing Meetup

Miami, FL
126 Members

This is a friendly, family oriented group which loves to eat, talk, and explore destinations within 90 miles of Miami.Each month has an Outing ; 12 planned target locations t…

Check out this Meetup Group →

There will be Pizza, Maps, Charts, and Secret Spots discussed on Wednesday evening.  Sometimes planning is a large part of the fun.

Hope to see you Wednesday evening.


Coral Reef presentation

Special coral reef presentation on Tuesday evening, October 25, at 7:30 pm.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Paul Jones present about his research projects. He is a post-doc at the University of Miami/NOAA who researches coral reefs and climate change with a particular focus on coral-algal symbiosis and bleaching in response to thermal stress.

His current projects include the impacts of the recent mass bleaching events on coral health in the Florida Keys and land-based sources of pollution influences on biodiversity on reefs in Miami-Dade and Broward.

We are going to have burgers, beans, and chips to celebrate, $5.00. The celebration is having such a distinguished guest speaker.

Set your plans accordingly to attend Tuesday evening.

Don’t miss this one….I assure you will be fascinated by what is taking place today.

We may also learn some small way we can help.

See you there.


Everglades City Fishing & Planning

Saturday, October 15, will be the outing for Everglades City.

Tomorrow evening, October 11, we will have a logistics meeting at the club at 7:30. The boat and kayak launch points will be reviewed. All the secret spots to fish will be disclosed.

Bridge fishing, Kayak fishing in Chokoloskee Bay, or Flats Boat fishing in the Gulf with access through the Baron River.
Tom will be bringing Piza so we can chow down and enjoy the planning. This planning opportunity is special since we missed the bullet on Hurricane Matthew.

October 15 is the first day of Stone Crab Season for the whole world. All stone crabs are caught and process through Everglades City. The plan is to fish in the morning (after breakfast at the local cafe), until about 1:30. Then we will have lunch at Triad Seafood Market & Café, with Stone Crabs.

Everglades City is 1 1/2 hours from Miami, same as Flamingo. An early morning drive is across Tamiami Trail. Alternative is to spend Friday and even Saturday evenings like Carmen and me.

We will stay at River Wilderness Resort, but there are also Everglades City Motel, the Captain’s Lodge, and Outdoor Resorts (at Chokoloskee).

Trivago has all of them listed here

Start planning this minute.  Planning is more than half the fun.

Hope to see you there. :-)


DOB Tournament fishing – guest presentation

A special guest, Eric Tietig, is coming to give a presentation Tuesday evening, September 27, 7:30, about the Day-On-The-Bay Tournament for 2016 which will be on October 1, 2016.

The Day-On-The-Bay is a great tournament which has been held for many years. This is a very reasonable entry competition – each angler is only $70.  This is sponsored by the FNGLS and proceeds from this tournament support scholarships in horticultural sciences or landscape architecture.  Very worthwhile.

The location is any water around South Florida including Florida Bay, Chokoloskee on the West Coast, the Keys, or Biscayne Bay. Fishing is on Saturday, from safe light to turning in tournament sheets at 4:30 pm on Saturday.   I want to include that fishing can be from land, kayak, or boat. No restrictions.

The Captain’s dinner is Friday night at the FOP Lodge at Harris Field. The Awards Meal is at 5:30, the same location on Saturday evening, after slips are turned in.

You cannot find a more fun, more open, more friendly tournament than this one.

Eric will share lots of funny stories with us. He is the Tournament Director plus he and his wife are very competitive.

Award Species are: Bass, Bonefish, Permit, Redfish, Shark, Snapper, Snook, Tarpon, Trout, and Hard Luck.

It would be really great to have a good turnout for Tuesday Evening meeting and registration for the Tournament.

There will be BBQ Roast Pork for the meal, only $7.00.

1. Plan on attending this meeting Tuesday night September 27, 7:30
2. Plan on participating in the Tournament, Octobe 1.

Enough politics, lets talk about fishing.

Come on down, everyone is welcome. See you there.

These are Entry Form links:

Outside:  and Inside:



Fishing Florida Bay – Flamingo Tuesday: Sept 13

There’s lots of fishing news for September. Tuesday evening, September 13, at 7:30, we are getting together at the clubhouse to share stories, discussion, B.S. session about fishing Florida Bay at Flamingo.

Bring your species specific stories about Flamingo and Florida Bay.  Be prepared to share them over Hot Dogs, cole slaw, and Cerveza (or carbonated beverage).

We are going to Flamingo, Out Front, Florida Bay, for the Saturday, September 17 fishing outing.

Fish from shore at the Campground. Kayak East to Snake Bight, or West toward the shore and Bradley Key, or South to Murray Key. Just off the Campground is no-name river with a 15 foot hole and big fish coming in and out along with tidal movement.

Saturday’s outing can serve as a prefishing practice run for Day-on-the-Bay Tournament on October 1. Nowhere will you find a fun tournament like this for $70 per adult. Species for the tournament include Bass, Trout, Redfish, Shark, Snapper, Snook, Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snapper. There are also Grand Slam categories.

Day-On-The_Bay Brochure

Henry is cooking Hot Dogs with Chili. David is making gourmet cole slaw.

This awesome evening is just $5 for food. You will not find a friendlier group with more knowledge about fishing than South Dade Anglers.

There will also be a special video guest appearance about Forida Bay fishing too.

You should be here for this get together. Hope to see you then.


Snook fishing season starts September 1

Snook are such beautiful, smart, and intelligent predators. Fishing for them is a great challenge, man versus animal in the animal’s habitat.  Thursday, September 1, is the opening of Snook fishing season.

So Tuesday evening, August 23, David G. will be giving a presentation and facilitating a discussion on fishing for Snook.

Where, How, When, What, and other details we can go over.

Secret spots really don’t exist, so where and how do you find them?

What conditions do they favor?

Are you a lifetime Snook fisherman? Are you a first timer?

These conversations will be of interest to everyone.

There is a lot of combined knowledge within this group.

Come and share in the discussion and have some good food.

There will be Ropa Vieja with white rice for dinner.  $10.00

Don’t want to miss this evening.



Family Fishing Brunch on Black Creek Canal 8/20 at 7-11 am

Bring the kids, grandkids, everyone for this freshwater canal fishing social on Saturday morning, 8/20.

Fish a little, eat a little, sit a little, and talk a little.

Pancakes plus pulled pork sandwiches are the brunch fare. Bring some fruit or other sides plus drinks. Water bottles will be available.

Bring your own chairs, there will be fold up tables and a few chairs. There will be a canopy for food.

Bring some shiners, worms, and tackle for the kids and yourself.

Where: Black Creek (C1-W) canal adjacent to the West End District Park. We will use the lot for parking and set up a canopy on the Black Creek Trail. 11255 SW 157th Ave, Miami, FL 33196

Maps location

Parking: Enter the parking lot, turn left, and go to the North end of the lot – by the bridge on 157 Ave.

Safety: Recent rains have water flowing in the canal. Be prepared to watch your children for safety. Don’t forget mosquito repellent.

Have fun and a good social time at this event.

This is a great time Saturday morning before the heat starts.